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Josh is a performance artist, he graduated with a BAhons Degree in Acrobatics from the National Centre for Circus Arts, London in 2016 and has been creating collaborative circus art ever since.

Josh is a co-founder of the Living Room Circus company.

He has performed internationally with companies such as CircaThe Garsington Opera, Fauna Circus, and Ockhams Razor. He has worked under director Yaron Lifschitz, master clown Phillipe Gaulier, and poet Roger McGough.


He has an interest in creating diverse, innovative, and original work that challenges audiences and keeps the art form of circus growing and changing.

"Every day I consider myself lucky to be a part of the incredible community that is circus, I have had a long and fruitful career as an acrobat and base and now I am shifting my focus to music and movement"

*See full credits below.

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The journey so far...


Ockhams Razor - TESS - Touring - UK (link)

Yee Kee Yuki Chung - On The Other Side (choreography) - Resolutions Festival - London, Uk (link)

Chloé Charody - Stories That Must Be Heard - Adelaide, Australia (link)


Contakt Circus - Foley - Romania, Germany (Link)

Ockhams Razor - Tess (Premiere) - Lead - Touring, UK (Link)

Chloé Charody - Limbo (Premiere) - Touring, UK & Australia (Link)

A Movement of Humans - Now Departing - Touring, GER (Trailer)


Metta Theatre - The Little Prince (Premier) - Circus Musical - Lead - Bristol, UK (Trailer)

Maranasati Company - Over My Dead Body (Premier) - Berlin, GER (Trailer)

Fauna Circus - It Shouldn't Have Legs (Premier) - Luleå, Sweden (Trailer)

Yannis Karalis - FOLK - Research and Development - Berlin, GER

A Movement of Humans - Now Departing (Premier) - Berlin, GER (Trailer)


Cameo Acrobatix, Rebuilding Communities Project, Hand to Hand, Berlin, Germany (Link)

Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Le Jeu & Clowns, Intensive Training, Étampes, France

Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Vilnius, Lithuania


Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Online streaming, Berlin Circus Festival

Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Norwich, UK

Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Riga, Latvia

Feathers of Daedalus, Sky in the Pie, Cyr, Unicycle, Hand to Hand, Vocal, UK (Trailer)

Feathers of Daedalus, TAROT, Hand to Hand, Cyr, Vaults Fest, London UK (Trailer)


A Movement of Humans, IDIOM (creation), Cyr, Norwich UK (Trailer)

Feathers of Daedalus, Tarot, Hand to Hand, Unicycle, Edinburgh Fringe Fest, UK (Trailer)

Garsington Opera Co, The Bartered Bride, Cyr, Acrobatics, Oxford, UK (Link)

Tribal Gathering Festival, Cyr Wheel, Panama (Link)


Living Room Circus, The Penguin & I, Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth, UK (Trailer)

Research & Development, Living Room Circus, Circus Fabrikken, Skive, Denmark

Metta Theatre ,Little Mermaid, Hand to Hand, Cyr, Underbelly, London, UK (Trailer)

Blue Peter TV Appearance, Metta Theatre, Little Mermaid, Manchester, UK

Metta Theatre(creation & tour), Little Mermaid, Hand to Hand + Cyr UK

The Penguin & I, Resolutions Festival, Hand to Hand, The Place, London, UK (Trailer)

C!rca - Depart - LIFT festival - London, UK (Trailer)

2010 - present
2010 - present
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