Josh is a performance artist, he graduated with a BA in Acrobatics from the National Centre for Circus Arts, London in 2016 and has been creating collaborative circus art ever since.


He has performed internationally with companies such as Circa, Feathers of Daedalus,The Garsington Opera and most recently Fauna Circus. He has worked under director Yaron Lifschitz, master clown Phillipe Gaulier, and poet Roger Mcgough.


He has an interest in creating diverse, innovative and original work that challenges audiences and keeps the art form of circus growing and moving. He believes that the circus has play in its heart and a pie on its face.




*See full credits below.

The journey so far...

May 2015 === Peck Peck by Lea Anderson, Circus Space, London, UK

Jul 15 === Festival des Violinecelles De Moita, Hand to Hand, Corsica, France


Aug 15 === La Fura Del Baus, The Spectacle, Aerial Harness, Wilderness Festival, UK


Dec 15 === CDD Conference, Schools collaboration, Hand to Hand Cyr Wheel, Leeds, UK


Jun 2016 === C!rca and Yaron Lifschitz/NCCA/LIFT Festival, Depart, Hand to Hand, London, UK


Sep 16 === Living Room Circus, Creation/Performance of Debut Show, East Sussex, UK


Mar 17 === Chivaree Circus, Hand to Hand, Manchester, UK


Jun 17 === The Penguin & I, Living Room Circus, Hand to Hand, East Sussex, UK


Jul 17 === Simple Cypher, Cypher Stories, Hand to Hand, Jacksons Lane, London UK


Aug 17 === Feathers Of Daedalus, Coppelia, Hand to Hand, Chinese Pole, Edinburgh Fringe, UK


Sep 17 === Feathers of Daedalus, Global Engineering Convention, Cyr Wheel, Cambridge,UK


Feb 18 === The Penguin & I, Resolutions Festival, Hand to Hand, The Place, London, UK


Feb>May 18 === Metta Theatre(creation & tour), Little Mermaid, Hand to Hand + Cyr Wheel UK


Feb 18 === Blue Peter TV Appearance, Metta Theatre, Little Mermaid, Manchester, UK


Jul>Aug 18 === Metta Theatre ,Little Mermaid, Hand to Hand + Cyr Wheel, Underbelly, London, UK


Aug 18 === Research & Development, Living Room Circus, Circus Fabrikken, Skive, Denmark


Dec 18 === The Penguin & I, Living Room Circus, Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth, UK


Feb>Mar 19 === Tribal Gathering Festival, Cyr Wheel, Panama


Apr>Jun 19 === Garsington Opera Co, The Bartered Bride, Cyr wheel, Acrobatics, Oxford, UK


Aug 19 === Feathers of Daedalus, Tarot, Hand to Hand, Unicycle, Edinburgh Fringe Fest, UK

Nov>Dec 19 === IDIOM (creation), A Movement of Humans, Cyr,  Acro, Norwich UK


Jan>Feb 20 === Feathers of Daedalus, TAROT, Hand to Hand, Cyr, Vaults Fest, London UK


Feb>March 20 === Feathers of Daedalus, Sky in the Pie, Cyr, Unicycle, Hand to Hand, Vocal, UK

Sep 20 === Fauna Circus, Research & development, Riga, Latvia

Sep 20 === Cameo Acrobatix, Rebuilding communities Project, Hand to Hand, Berlin, Germany

Oct 20 === Fauna Cirus, Research & Development, Norwich, UK

Dec 20 === Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Online streaming, Berlin Circus Festival

Oct 21 === Fauna Circus, Research & Development, Vilnius, Lithuania

Jul 21 === Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Le Jeu & Clowns, Intensive Training, Étampes, France

Apr 22 === Fauna Circus, Premier - It Should't Have Legs, Luleå, Sweden


2010 - present
2010 - present